Wyoming Mule deer and Antelope


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Many of us dream of pursuing elk, mule deer and antelope in the mountains and on the plains of the Western United States. Warning: Hunting these animals is highly addictive! This really is a special hunt at a special time of year. We are hunting north and west of Casper, Wyoming. Hunts take place on a mixture of exclusive private ranches and public back country. Our outfitter is local and has hunted in these mountains all of his life. He will do everything possible to get you on the animal of your dreams! We offer two different styles of hunts – Town hunts and Camp hunts.

TOWN HUNT: You provide lodging, meals and transportation in town. Lodging at economically priced motels is easy to find in Casper. Lunch will be provided while on the hunt. Hunt is conducted spot and stalk with 4 x4’s and ATV’s used to access the remote areas we hunt.

CAMP HUNT: On these hunts we stay out on the open range under the stars! Accommodation is included and so are all meals. We stay in travel trailers with meals served in our mess tent. We only do one group at a time so you will have exclusive use of the camp and our hunting areas!


Wyoming-Mule-Deer-EAI2 Day Antelope 
Town Hunt: $1800.00

3 Day Antelope
Town Hunt $2100.00 - Camp Hunt $2400.00

4 Day Deer
Town Hunt $3300.00 - Camp Hunt $3900.00

5 Day Combo Ant/deer          
Town Hunt $4500.00 - Camp Hunt $5100.00

8 Day Combo Deer/Elk
Town Hunt $7500.00 - Camp Hunt $7500.00

2 Day Merriam’s Turkey           

Additional services: 1 x 1 hunt: $150 per day.    Non hunter: $100 per day

All hunts require you to draw a tag. This is done through the Wyoming license system. As a courtesy we will take care of this for you! Generally, you will need to plan a hunt two years out. We will apply for a preference point the first year and then apply for the tag in the second. Let us work the system for you!

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