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    Axis Deer and Blackbuck Antelope

Our ranch is near Del Rio in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. Easy to get to from San Antonio. We will pick you up at the San Antonio airport if you fly in. No extra charge. I believe this to be one of the fairest Axis and Blackbuck hunts offered. If you do not harvest an animal the hunt only costs you $750! That is for 3 full days hunting and 4 nights with all meals, guide, etc.  It is high fence but still success is not guaranteed. There are good numbers of both species but there is also plenty of places for them to hide! Running 85% plus success rate on Axis and 95% on blackbuck. Real hunt! Scroll down to see what we can do for you.

Texas Exotics EAI Outdoors


Texas Exotics EAI OutdoorsAxis - 32-34 inches)                 $2750.00  (No harvest then hunt only $750)

Axis - 34 inches plus                  $3750.00 (No harvest then hunt only $750)

Blackbuck - 18-22 inches         $2750.00 (no harvest then hunt only $750)

Combo hunts:

Axis - 32-34 and Blackbuck = $5000.00 (Harvest only one animal then $2750)

Axis =- 34+ and Blackbuck = $6000.00 (Harvest Axis only then $3750/Harvest blackbuck only then $2750)

Extras are license ($48) and alcohol. 

Limited hunts allowed to keep herd quality up. Hunting is year round with October through April being prime months. We can also add great fishing out in the Gulf. Bring the better half and make a vacation out of it! 

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