From Bill A

The trip to South Africa was awesome. Thanks so much for helping to get me there. I have attached some photos and a copy of the email that I sent to James. It was truly a dream come true for me. The whole event was fantastic. It was very, very challenging for me with the handgun...but that made it all the better for me. It really tested my skills.

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Diane M. says

We are back! And what an adventure we had!! We all loved every minute we were there. Vaughn got all his animals and they were very impressive.  And, surprise to ourselves, Ashley and I both got one also. First time animal for the both of us!

John W.

So... The 700+ pound black marlin broke the line before we could get him into the boat. However, we were able to catch, photograph, and release the 400+ pound blue marlin. My son also caught a real nice 12 pound rainbow bass. Volcano Arenal erupted on us while we were fishing. Volcanic ash floated down upon us like small snowflakes. We then brushed off the ash (figuratively and literally) and returned our fishing. The photo of the volcano was taken immediately after it stopped erupting. Terrific vacation.

Howard and Valerie:

Hello Ed, Dropping you a quick line to let you know that we had a fantastic time in Costa Rica and want to say thank you for your expertise, help and setting up such a great trip.

Jan H reports:

We've been back since Tues, Aug 12. We had a fantastic trip; the hunt was great. I got gemsbok, impala, springbok, bushbuck, and blesbok. Brian shot kudu, wildebeest, impala, bushbuck, and blesbok. Brian is psyched and ready to go again. Our PH is a great hunting machine! The entire trip minus the flight over and back was A++++++. If you ever need references, have them contact me.  Thanks again for making all of this possible.

Chris reports:

I had the best time ever hunting South Africa. Allen is a fantastic PH, I really enjoyed hunting with him. Allen put me on some fine trophies. Every thing was just as you said it would be. I was treated exceptionally well by every one. I love Africa and can't wait to go back. We hunted hard every day and Allen made sure I took all the game I was after and then some.

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Ed and Chris

HI, just wanted to let you know that we had a great time. Even with flight delays, which got us to Arenal Springs late, we still got up at 5am to go fishing. Everything at that resort was perfect. Our trip to the coast was outstanding, the resort, people there and the two day s of deep-sea fishing was out of this world, something we will never forget. We caught 7 sailfish and 9 Mai Mai, which we cooed one at the resort. No Marlin, the captain said the Mai Mai were hogging the bait, it didn’t matter, we’re hooked on that kind of fishing. We will tell people about your company and give you a great recommendation.

Larry and Cory

Hi Ed, Fishing,weather,pickups from Arenal to Manuel Antonio were all great. Weather was clear for pictures of Arneal volcano. We caught rainbow bass and muchaca. In Quepos we went out the first day 45 miles out and each caught a nice sailfish and I also caught a 300 pound blue marlin. The next day we fished closer to shore off Manuel Antonio and each caught two rooster fish. I will send you some pictures when I get a chance. Thank you!

For the ladies perspective:

Well our long-awaited trip to South Africa has come to an end and it's back to reality. We want to thank you "again" for everything you did for us from the very beginning. Without your interaction, I don't think the trip would have turned out as well as it did from the transportation to the accommodations, to the overall trip itself. You made it so easy and it is very much appreciated.

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Karl and Christine S. report:

Let me start off by saying what an adventure my wife Chris and I had! We had a wonderful time and have nothing bad to say about anything pertaining to your outfit to include the accommodations that you provided as well as the preplanning that was taken care of by Ed and EAI Outdoors. Everything was handled professionally and with a personal touch by all your staff. Ed handled everything for us in the US and we had no worries at all. He kept us informed on everything and even walked us through the process on what to expect at every stop along the way from the time we left Columbus Ohio until we arrived back in Columbus Ohio. My hats off to Ed and EAI Outdoors - great job.

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Brian W reports:

Ed, the hunt was absolutely phenominal. I have been on numerous guided hunts in the states but this was by far the best. James has a great operation and great people. I will definitely be returning in a few years. I would be going back sooner, but I am going all out with my taxidermy and getting several full body mounts done, so I will obviously be spending a few extra bucks.

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D.C. reports:

Ed & Pat,

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for the warm hospitality and the services. Thank you one million times especially my PH Gregory Dickson and Tracker Timbale for their hard work. As for Clem and his wife I am speechless, they welcome me with open arms very good people God bless their hearts.

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