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Custom Length Hunts - SOUTH DAKOTA BISON

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EAI-Outdoors-South-Dakota-BisonNothing can describe the adrenaline rush of coming upon a herd of American Bison thundering across the prairie! Hunting these massive animals is like living an American legend.  We have access to one of the country’s top privately owned bison herds near Rapid City, South Dakota. Here we have over 44,000 acres with over 2000 head of bison. The animals are hunted under strictly fair chase conditions. This is not a pen hunt!  We have hunts to fit all budgets including massive trophy bulls, management bulls, cows and yearlings. Guaranteed 100% opportunity at quality animals. Hunting is generally done Oct through Dec. Cost includes field prep of animals and delivery to our local processor (processing extra). You get the entire animal including hide and meat.


You will see many others offer buffalo hunts. Most of these are small acreage, enclosure hunts where buffalo are brought in and turned loose as the hunts are booked or are hunts that take an extra animal or two from a small breeding herd. These “hunts” are little more than the harvest of a semi-domestic animal. This has given many a bad taste when it comes to hunting buffalo. This is understandable and is why we offer a true alternative. Our hunts take place under as true fair chase conditions and on as wild an animal as the modern world allows. You will take your animal from a large herd, on foot, spot and stalk. Your animal will have been born in that herd and lived out on the prairie its entire life. Many hunts, particularly with bow, have taken us days to complete. This is the type of hunting that our early settlers experienced and provides a top quality and deeply satisfying experience. At the end of the hunt you will have a trophy that you will be proud of as well as a freezer full of the best game meat in North America!

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Management bull 3 years old and around 1400lbs:  $6000.00

Cows and heifers 900-1200 pounds: $5000.00


MANAGEMENT BULLS – These are three year old bulls and weigh around 1200 pounds. Every year a small number of bulls are kept back as possible breeding bulls. They run with the herd until three years of age. At this time they are filled out fully and have most of their horn growth done. We then select those that are best suited for breeding and sell off the rest. These animals make a great mount and you will get all of the steaks and roasts making them very popular with hunters. Plan on around 40% yield on the meat bone in. (i.e. T-bones, roasts etc. like a normal steer would be butchered) You will fill an average chest freezer and more with one of these guys! You will also have a great shoulder or skull mount.

COWS – Cows are our most popular option. The animals we are hunting are generally around 1000 pounds give or take 100. Cows have a very good set of horns as well as a great hide and make an economical trophy. At first glance at a herd it is very difficult to tell the cows from the younger bulls in terms of size and trophy quality. They are very challenging to hunt! Often found in large groups within the herd it can take hours and sometimes days to be able to get a shot at the proper animal. One must remember we are not just taking any cow. Only certain animals are to be removed from 2000 head which can lead to some very interesting situations. Unlike domestic raised animals these critters know something is up! You will be able to eat all the steaks and such from these animals and once again plan on 40-45% yield on the meat bone in. A chest freezer of large size is going to be needed!

THE HUNT – The cost quoted includes the entire animal, guide, field transportation, field dressing and delivery to the processor. It does not include meals or lodging. You will stay on your own accord in Rapid City, South Dakota. Here you will find all the normal travel services. We hunt from 15 October through Jan. Hides are prime at this time. For you rifle hunters any weapon is legal but we require 30-06 or larger. You will not believe what these animals can take. Bring the big guns! There is no such thing as to big. Many of our hunters who have taken Cape Buffalo in Africa are astounded by what the American Bison can absorb. We will spot the herd from a distance and then approach on foot to within 200 yards or closer if possible. Only certain animals are going to be taken. Getting into the right position for the shot can take hours and even days. We allow two persons to go with the guide in on the stalk. The second person can film the hunt or just observe. We prefer that 100-200 yard range. Have your gun sighted in at 150 and know where it shoots at 100 and 200 yards. More than likely you will need follow-up shots. Black powder guns are welcome. Load um heavy!!!

For bow hunters the challenge goes up tremendously. There is nothing to hide behind out here on the prairie! We will use the terrain as best we can and there will be a lot of crawling. Strap on your big boy pants for this one! Nothing describes crawling up on a herd of 1000-2000 animals that would just as soon like to stomp you as run from you. You never know what will happen and it often takes days to get the shot. We will keep going until the job is done. Our expert guides are bow hunters themselves. Rely on what they tell you and do as they say and you will come home in one piece with the trophy of a lifetime. Pull at least 70 pounds for this one and do NOT bring Rage broadheads.

FOR ALL HUNTERS – The hunts described above are quite physical often involving hours and even days of walking and stalking. Please know that we also offer hunts for those with less stamina and even for persons with disabilities. We do have options like sitting at water holes and pinch points as well as setting up in a semi-stationary position ahead of the herd and letting the animals come to us. Just be honest with us when you are booking and we will tailor the hunt to meet your needs. Years of experience with all manner of hunters has taught us a few tricks and we have always made our hunts a rewarding experience for everyone regardless of age or physical abilities.

AFTER THE HUNT – Your animal will be field dressed and recovered by our people. It will then be taken to a local processor. Cost of additional processing is your responsibility. If you want to skin and quarter the animal you can do that out on the ranch but we do not suggest it.. This is not a deer! We are talking massive amounts of meat here. If possible bring a full size chest freezer with you and some coolers. Yes, there will be that much especially with the hide and head. If you want taxidermy done we can arrange that locally. Most take the frozen hide home and the skull and then take this to their local man to be mounted. Call us on this and we can go over the pros and cons. Processing takes around 3 days. Rush orders are possible. Plan on taking some time here. Mt. Rushmore, The Black Hills, The Badlands, Wind Cave, Devils Tower and Deadwood are all very close. Best of all no tourists!!! Prices at motels and things are dirt cheap this time of year compared to summer when all the people are here. The locals are generally glad to see you. Stay a spell!

FOOD BANK – If you do not want the meat from your animal we have a program with the local processor. For a reduced rate he will process your animal and we will donate it to the local food bank. All necessary forms will be provided to you so you can use this donation as a charity tax right-off. We regularly send thousands of pounds of meat to needy families. They are very thankful for your donation!

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