Puerto Rico Iguana Hunting

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(Actually Iguanas)

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As most of you already know you can depend on EAI Outdoors to scour the world and seek out the most interesting, challenging and just plain crazy adventures out there. If you thought Vancouver Bulls in Hawaii or hunting wolf with eagles in Mongolia were extreme wait until you get a hold of our newest hunt - DRAGONS! The island of Puerto Rico is over run with DRAGONS! Actually, they are the common green iguana.

Iguana is an invasive species with no natural predators. Currently they are causing millions of dollars of crop damage and there seems to be no way to stop them - except hunting. What a perfect excuse to pack up the wife and kids and take a nice vacation!

EAI-Otdoors-Puerto-Rico-Iguana-HuntingOur combo package includes both land based iguana hunting, hunting them from a boat, and also world class fishing. We have outstanding fishing here for many different species and can even add spear fishing.

This is simply something you must try!


Scroll down for information on add-ons and tourist activities in Puerto Rico


Basic hunt package (no accommodation) - $850.00
Includes two half days and one full day iguana hunting or fishing, air rifles, ammo, all fishing tackle, water, baits, guide, and transport during land based hunting

Add-ons and tourist activities in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico can be visited year round but is best to avoid the hurricane season in late summer and fall. Temperature are generally in the high 80s so we have a wonderful winter vacation idea to which you can add high volume iguana shooting. Please request our DVD and you won't believe the sheer numbers of lizards to be found here. Many will be in the 4-5 foot range and some easily surpass 6 feet! It is easy to shoot 50-100 in an outing. Many times we will do this on 3-5 acres!

In addition to the great hunting you will find outstanding fishing. We primarily fish the mangroves for tarpon and snook and then out on the reef we take the traditional reef fish like grouper, snapper, etc. Our captain is also fully qualified as a free diver and has all the equipment for spear fishing. He even offers free diving instructional classes.

We can add many interesting tours to some very unique places. Please see list below. If you have non-hunters in the group these tours are run by a local company and are small group in nature. Many clients will combine the hunting and fishing with the day tours to make for a complete vacation. Call us and we can discuss hotels, locations, etc.


Bioluminescent Lagoon Kayak Adventure:
This kayak tour takes you over a small harbor to entrance of Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve where you will navigate channels heading towards the lagoon where each paddle stroke will light up the water. the bioluminescent colors blue-green/white-green, will mesmerize you as you skim along the mangroves. Cost is approximately $90pp
El Yunque Rainforest Tour:
El Yunque is the only Tropical Rainforest in the US forestry system! 28,000 acres of plants, hardwood trees, rivers, waterfalls, birds, lizards and more abound here. This half day tour is the perfect way to enjoy the rainforest animals, frogs, plants, trees rivers and all the beauty that is El Yunque. Cost Approximately $80pp
Tour Old San Juan:
Old San Juan holds many treasures such as palaces, cathedrals, forts & museums. Here you will find San Juan's wonderful history and see the beautiful colonial architecture. Not to mention the great shopping opportunities.

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