Argentina Red Stag

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Join us for the best Red Stag hunting in Argentina! This is a true fair chase - low fence hunt on open range land. Most important there is no size limit!

You will see many hunts offered at what seems to be a great price until you read the fine print. Many of these discounted hunts are either cull animals or for bulls under 300SCI. Also, many stag hunts in Argentina are behind high fence were Stags are breed like cattle. THIS IS NOT US! We have over 40,000 private acers on which we practice intensive game management on true wild stags.

We want you to take the best animal possible. This hunt is easy to combine with high volume dove shooting and other big game hunts!

Come to Argentina and experience true FREE RANGE hunting!

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These hunts take place several hours from Buenos Aires. Extend your stay a bit and experience some of the finest big game hunting in the world!

All hunts subject to permit availability.

Costs: 5 full days hunting, 6 nights in lodge, one stag no size limit: $4950.00


Management stag: $1000 Fallow deer: $2,200 - Gold medal / over 213": $ 4,000
Free range stag (no limit on score): $3500 - Gold medal / 90": $6,000 European mouflon: $ 3,000 - Gold medal / over 115": $4,700
 Wild pampa sheep: $1000 Hybrid mouflon: $ 1,950
Texas Dall: $1,200 European wild boar: $850 - Gold medal / over 22": $1,350
Scottish Black Face: $ 1,200 Feral goat: $ 900
Multi-horned / Four horn ram: $ 1,200 Collared Peccary: $ 1,750
Blackbuck: $ 1,750 (no limit on score) White Lipped Peccary: POR
Axis deer: $ 2,400 Capybara: POR
Axis deer (gold medal 133"): $ 4,000 Brown Brocket deer: POR
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"So... The 700+ pound black marlin broke the line before we could get him into the boat. However, we were able to catch, photograph, and release the 400+ pound blue marlin. My son also caught a real nice 12 pound rainbow bass. Volcano Arenal erupted on us while we were fishing. Volcanic ash floated down upon us like small snowflakes. We then brushed off the ash (figuratively and literally) and returned to our fishing. The photo of the volcano was taken immediately after it stopped erupting. Terrific vacation."
-John W

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"HI, just wanted to let you know that we had a great time. Even with flight delays, which got us to Arenal Springs late, we still got up at 5am to go fishing. Everything at that resort was perfect. Our trip to the coast was outstanding, the resort, people there and the two days of deep-sea fishing was out of this world, something we will never forget. We caught 7 sailfish and 9 Mai Mai, which we cooked one at the resort. No Marlin, the captain said the Mahi Mahi were hogging the bait, it didn’t matter, we’re hooked on that kind of fishing. We will tell people about your company and give you a great recommendation."
-Ed and Chris

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"Hi Ed, Fishing,weather,pickups from Arenal to Manuel Antonio were all great. Weather was clear for pictures of Arneal Volcanio. We caught rainbow bass and muchaca. In Quepos we went out the first day 45 miles out and each caught a nice sailfish and I also caught a 300 pound blue marlin. The next day we fished closer to shore off Manuel Antonio and each caught two rooster fish. I will send you some pictures when I get a chance. Thank you !"
-Larry and Cory

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"Hello Ed, Dropping you a quick line to let you know that we had a fantastic time in Costa Rica and want to say thank you for your expertise, help and setting up such a great trip."
-Howard and Valerie

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