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  • Diane M. says:
    "We are back! And what an adventure we had!! We all loved every minute we were there. Vaughn got all his animals and they were very impressive. And, surprise to ourselves, Ashley and I both got one also. First time animal for the both of us!"

  • Jan H reports:
    "We've been back since Tues, Aug 12. We had a fantastic trip; the hunt was great. I got gemsbok, impala, springbok, bushbuck, and blesbok. Brian shot kudu, wildebeest, impala, bushbuck, and blesbok. Brian is psyched and ready to go again. Our PH is a great hunting machine! The entire trip minus the flight over and back was A++++++. If you ever need references, have them contact me. Thanks again for making all of this possible."

  • Bret tells us:
    "I wanted to drop you a note and tell you that my recent trip to SA was the best trip of my life. I have memories to hold forever. Your staff of experienced PH�s and Trackers are top notch. Greg treated me like family. I can�t say enough about the hospitality that Greg A, and Rudy extended to us, The accommodations were nicer than any hunting camp I have visited. You run a top notch organization and I look forward to the day I can return.

  • Karl and Christine S. report:
    Click to enlarge "Let me start off by saying what an adventure my wife Chris and I had! We had a wonderful time and have nothing bad to say about anything pertaining to your outfit to include the accommodations that you provided as well as the preplanning that was taken care of by Ed and EAI Outdoors.
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  • Ducarmel A. reports:
    "Ed & Pat, I wanted to take Click to enlarge the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for the warm hospitality and the services. Thank you one million times especially my PH Gregory Dickson and Tracker Timbale for Click to enlarge their hard work. As for Clem and his wife I am speechless, they welcome me with open arms very good people God bless their hearts. That was a hunt of a lifetime I have always wanted to hunt Africa since I was a child watching these animals on television.
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    Baboon $150.00$150.00
    Bontebok $2 800.00N/A
    Blesbuck $400.00$125.00
    Blesbuck, White $700.00$700.00
    Bushbuck, Eastern Cape $600.00NA
    Bushpig (bait or dogs) $900.00$900.00
    Buffalo $10 000 NA$10 000 NA
    Duiker, Blue $1,200.00$1 200.00
    Duiker, Grey $400.00NA
    Fallow Deer $600.00$250.00
    Grysbuck, Cape $800.00N/A
    Gemsbuck $1,200.00$1,200.00
    Hartebeest, Cape $900.00NA
    Hippo $8,000.00$8,000.00
    Impala $400.00$125.00
    Jackal, Black Backed $100.00$100.00
    Kudu, Eastern Cape $1,100.00NA
    Lynx (Caracal) $900.00$900.00
    Nyala $2,200.00NA
    Ostrich $600.00NA
    Reedbuck, Mountain $400.00NA
    Steenbuck $400.00NA
    Sable $8,000.00NA
    Springbuck, Common $400.00$100.00
    Springbuck, White $900.00NA
    Springbuck, Golden $2,500.00NA
    Springbuck, Black $600.00NA
    Warthog $400.00$150.00
    Wildebeest, Black $900.00$425.00
    Wildebeest, Blue $900.00$425.00
    Zebra, Burchells $1,200.00$1,200.00
    Eland, Cape $2,500.00$1,500.00
    Lechwe $2,500.00NA
    Reedbuck, Common $1,200.00NA
    Rhebuck, Vaal $1,500.00NA
    Waterbuck $2,200.00NA
    Day Fee: 1 x 1 US$ 350.00, 2 x 1 US$ 300.00.
    Non Hunters US$150.00 per person per day.
    Download in pdf form: 2019 Trophy List

      The following are included in your Safari:
    • All accommodation, food and beverages
    • Services of a licensed professional hunter, tracker and ground staff
    • Transport to and from the airport as well as all ground transport for the duration of the Safari
    • Field preparation of trophies and forwarding them to a taxidermist or shipping agent of your choice.
      The following are excluded in your Safari: Dipping, packaging or any processing of trophies
    • Shipping charges for your trophies to your own country
    • Gratuities


    South Afrcia Chris reports:
    I had the best time ever hunting South Africa. Allen is a fantastic PH, I really enjoyed hunting with him. Allen put me on some fine trophys. Every thing was just as you said it would be. I was treated execptionally well by every one. I love Africa South Afrcia and can't wait to go back. We hunted hard every day and Allen made sure I took all the game I was after and then some. I can't say enough about what fantastic PH and host Allen was. When I tell my hunting stories to customers, they want to know who I hunted with. I am highly recomending you. You should sent me cards and hand outs that you take to shows. I will be glad to send my customers to you. I just had the best time. I took around 2500 photos.

    South Afrcia Thanks Ed, the hunt was outstanding. Here are some photos, I will be happy to send more if you like.

    Thanks again.


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